Friday, August 17, 2012

Disheartening News for the GOP

Welfare (TANF) is not a "hand-out".

E and I receive "welfare" benefits from the State of Washington.
Our Child support is "captured" for repayment.

There are very many misconceptions about this.  Just as there are about Social Security being an "entitlement".  Actually, social security is paid for by an individual, their spouse and their employer, not handed out by our "benevolent" government.

This statement is almost correct.  The non- custodial parent is not "repaying" the State, since the child support is a debt owed to the child and the custodial parent.  In reality, even though the State "captures" the non- custodial parent's payment to Child Support Services (CPS), the custodial parent and the child are re-paying the debt to the State with their child support payments.

Every month that E's father pays child support, I get a statement of how it has "been dispersed" and applied to the overall debt of both back-pay of child support, back-pay of TANF or medical bills, and my favorite:  $25.00 fee for processing the state issued US Bank  [US Bank is the single largest financer of the coal mountaintop removal mining industry in the U.S. atop their complicity housing crisis and corporate accountability issuesdebit card with no money on it.  Yep, I pay them $25.00 per year so I have the privilege of handing over child support money to re-pay TANF.  Let me say that another way.  CPS and US bank charge me $25.00 for a debit card with NO MONEY on it.

So while folks are complaining about how many crack addicted baby making machines are out there stealing your hard earned money, some of us are actually educated about the FACTS instead of regurgitating some dried up party line used to cover up the FACT that something close to 60% of the country's budget is subsidizing private armies and weapons manufacturers, not to mention the "corporate" welfare that makes the business tax rate between half and 1/4 the rate that individuals pay- sometimes not even paying any taxes at all.

If Microsoft paid Taxes in the State of Washington- where their actual headquarters are, there would be NO school funding deficits.  Instead, they have their "official" headquarters in Nevada  in order to avoid such payments- but privately fund charter school agendas in the WA political system.  I heard Starbucks does the same thing~ but I can't seem to find any evidence to support this.

But I digress.

I highly recommend trying to survive on my (welfare)  budget.  Feel free to contact me for the details if you are interested.  It would change your mind about how "welfare recipients are living the high-life" on your dime.

*note to self- get a better picture of this document.

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