Tuesday, August 7, 2012

[deleted text]

I have never responded physically or verbally to any of this.  I have simply reported it and recorded some of it.  I have not spoken more than 4 sentences to this man since February 2012, the first time I reported but did not make records of this kind of treatment.

5-25-12 witness account
5-30-12 witness account
5-31-12 witness account
6-3-12 REC0016.WAV 
6-4-12 REC0018.WAV 
6-6-12 REC0020.WAV  (includes audio consent to be recorded)
6-7-12 REC001.WAV
6-7-12 REC003.WAV
6-8-12 thru 6-30-12 witness account
7-3-12 witness account
7-5-12 witness account
7-30-12 witness account

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