Friday, August 3, 2012

no cyclobenzaprine
only 1 vicadin left, I will save it for a bad day, maybe the trip over to seattle.

Right hip is tight and painful
right shoulder pinches
front of my thighs are tender and sore
slight headache
shoulders tight and sore
low back aches and pinches with movement
neck muscles are exhausted and I can't keep my head up all day

They're gone. Blessed be and best of luck. You are missed.

Moved some things into the storage unit today. Tucker was really helpful and let me complain about his mom and brother being awful and broken, damaging E and myself to the point at which we have to leave to be homeless on couches around the sound.

It will be nice to get the fuck out of town. I wish we never had to come back.
I got mail that is suggesting I may not get ssi/ssd
It says they would like to get some payment up front since the judges have been consistently conservative lately.

I am exhausted and can't deal with that info right now. I want a nap.

We are at Kelly's son's house crashing on their couch. I am full or anger today.

Despite the dysfunction, this family has done more for me than my own family.  All of the extended relations really are loyal to each other. I really wish I could switch bodies with them so they could see what it's like to be in mine. It hurts.  I'm thinking a freaky friday is in order.

Tuck called before 8 and we lamented some more.  

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